Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Late Birthday, Dan!

Happy Birthday, Dan! I heard you ate Cookie Crisp in bed and everything. That sounds like a perfect day to me!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

AIDA and Blackbeard

A few weeks ago I went to go see AIDA. I've been thinking about it ever since. It's an Egyptian love story that parallels Romeo and Juliet. I loved it. Elton John did the music for it. Usually, I feel uncomfortable during musicals when characters spontaneously begin to sing, but in AIDA it seems natural. I loved it. I wanted to go back and take all of my favorite people with me.

I was watching this pirate documentary on the Discovery Channel a few months ago. I always thought that Blackbeard was mythical. Apparently not. Anyway, they said that he actually used to cause smoke to rise up from around his head to make him look more intimidating to the opposing ship. I think intimidating is a little bit of an understatement. So, of course, I have to see Blackbeard the Musical. I wish I could take my brother, Benner, to see it. I think he might like it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I hope your birthday is perfect! Here are a few of my favorite "Mom" memories:
When you would give me some extra change as McDonald's to go get us some ice cream cones after a long day of shopping.
When you used to read to me.
When you would come and hang out with me in my room before you went to bed even though you were tired and had to go to work the next day.
When we ate a stawberry pie with our fingers.
When you were my teacher in Sunday School and it didn't seem to phase you when my classmates were hanging out the windows when you came in.
When you drove the Bug for so long before you got a new car even though you had to sit on pillows to drive it.
When you made me peanut butter balls for the first time from the cookbook you bought from my pre school.
When you used to give me a pan full of flour to play with on the back porch. It was strangly so intresting.
When you used to set me up with some crayons, tin foil and a hot plate for the afternoon.
When you would make me a lunch of finger foods. It never tasted better!
When you sat down with me before I went to college to plan out everything I would need to do to get ready even though it wasn't for another year.
When you helped me study for my math section of the CBEST and I passed.
When you were my teacher.
When you took me to the Arboretum and I fell in a creek so you gave me your coat and said, "Are you ready to go home?"
When we tried to save some money and sleep outside the St. George Temple, it was too bright.
When you took me and Kat on the tour of Route 66.
The way you get excited every time I come home.
Here are a few that were on the tip of my mind. I love you. You're the best Mom I could ask for. Someday I hope I can pay it forward just like you.

Friday, July 18, 2008

This quilt over at Old Red Barn Co. is up for grabs. Go sign up for the giveaway by Tuesday the 22 (FYI MY BIRTHDAY).

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Kat! This picture reminds me of how Kat is when you really know her. Kat has always been my best buddy. When I was little she used to let me be her tag along. Everything was fun when Kat was there. Even dishes and sweeping. She washed, I rinsed. She swept, I scooped. We also used to take long walks to 7-11 and the street fair. Kat used to make me these really great salads with all the toppings. We'd watch movies and endulge. We also used to make peanut butter balls. Best of all is when Kat would do a jig for me when I was bummed out. She would dance like she was still a Rude Girl and make me laugh. Then, when she really wanted to make me happy she would pretend she was Bette and sing "The Wing Beneath My Wings" with the hand motions and everything. Happy Birthday, Sister!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Toni Morrison

When I did my student teaching I read the handful of books that I was going to be teaching shortly before I actually taught them. My student teacher-teacher, Lisa, and I would sit in her classroom everyday before the students shuffled in and discuss books amongst other things. She was great. I learned so much from her and I can't imagine a better experience.

One of the books I read at that time in my life was Beloved by Toni Morrison. I loved it. Oprah played Sethe in the movie version. Sometimes I think that actors aren't able to step out of who they are in Hollywood enough to protray a character. I think Oprah was wonderful, but I'm biased. Anyway, here's the reason for this post. I was tearing off yesterday's paper on my desk calendar when I noticed today's quote. It was like a treasure meant to remind my of my favorite book and times.

"Love is or it aint. Thin love ain't love at all." -Toni Morrison

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Survey Says...

In Case You Were Wondering

1. Last movie you saw in the theater? Wanted with Angelina.
2. What book are you reading? The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan
3. Favorite Board Game? I get bored of them easily. I’d say Scrabble.
4. Favorite Magazine? I don’t read magazines; I only look at the pictures. I’d say a good gossip magazine like OK or People.
5. Favorite Smells? I love the smell of wet soil and grass at Monrovia High School’s track, clean laundry, a new book, and Febreeze.
6. Favorite Sounds? I love the sound of a lonesome ocean. My recent favorite was Oahu’s North Shore. I am also fond of the sound of the birds chirping outside my open widow of my bedroom at my mom’s house.
7. Worst feeling in the world? Feeling nervous. It makes me stomach hurt.
8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake? “Why did I pick the 6-3 shift?”
9. Favorite fast food place? Right now I like Yoshi’s. I love the avocado rolls and teriyaki bowls.
10. Future child's name? Henry.
11. If I had a lot of money I'd... travel, buy my mom some property in Missouri, pay off my car, and buy my dream RV.
12. Do you drive fast? I’m extreme. I drive too fast or too slow, never just right.
13. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? No, I just sleep. Sometimes I ruin my books when I fall asleep with them. I wake up angry at whoever rolled over my paperback.
14. Storms cool or scary. I think storms are moody. I like them. I especially enjoy a monsoon. I love the smell of the warm concrete and Arizona dust after a monsoon.
15. What was your first car? The first car I drove was a ’66 Mustang. I can’t wait to get another one and relive the feeling of freedom and power. I loved feeling propelled against the back of my seat when I drove up Mayflower in Monrovia.
16. Favorite Drink? Crystal Light, Sunkist, and Root Beer.
17. Finish this statement, if I had the time I would... teach in a foreign country, do volunteer humanitarian work, go to nursing school, take photography classes, travel, and read.
18. Do you eat the stems on broccoli. Yes.
19. If you could dye your hair any other color, what would be your choice? I think my hair is too hard to brush when I dye it, but I’d say blonde, blonde.
20. Name all the different cities you have lived in? Monrovia, CA; Rexburg, ID; Higley, AZ; and Mesa, AZ.
21. Favorite sports to watch? Hockey
22. What’s under your bed? A Ziploc of spare change and the books I want to read next.
23. One nice thing about the person who sent this to you? She always has my back and she taught me most of what I know.
24. Would you like to be born as yourself again? Yes, is that vain?
25. Over easy or sunny side up? Over easy
26. Morning person or night owl? Night owl
27. Favorite place to relax? I love to relax by the pool with a book.
28. Favorite Pie? Strawberry
29. Favorite ice cream flavor? Dulce De Leche