Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This is a picture of me and my grandfather, Sharner. He lived with us when I was little. I was actually given my baby's blessing sitting on his stomach while he lay in bed. He had a hospital bed in my mom's dining room while he lived with us.

I'm not really sure where the name Sharner came from. The story goes that I just started calling him that when I was little. I think it fits.

Sharner died when I was about four. I was sleeping on the couch in the living room with my sister, Annie. I remember waking up and walking into the front hall where my mom and dad where standing. "Where is Sharner going?" I asked as I saw them taking him away. My parents told me that Sharner had to leave but he was going to a better place, to heaven. I wasn't statisfied with this answer, but I also knew I didn't have a choice. I remember watching as the emergency vehicles drove alway. I remember feeling so much loss when I couldn't see their red and white stripes and sirens anymore, but feeling strangly calm.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have grandparents that were still alive, but then I look back on my memories and I am happy with my experiences with my grandparents even if they were long ago.


Parker said...

I wasn't even there when Grandfather died. Benner and I were at Diane's for a sleepover. Mom and Dad would always say that you woke up right when Sharner passed away. I wish we had Grandparents too.

Amy said...

I love this photo! Boy your Daddy looks so much like Sharner. I am assuming that Sharner was your Dad's Dad right?

I am blessed to have one Grandmother still living. I miss my Grandparents so much. In fact I had a dream last night where Grandpa Duane came to visit me. It wasn't anything significant. We were just walking around my middle school and talking. How random is that? It was so great to see Duane healthy and alert. Memories and time with family is so much better than any worldly treasure.